Thunder Construction is a uniquely successful company with an expansive vision. Our mission, simply put, has always been to build top of the pyramid custom residences within the upper Roaring Fork Valley.

Thunder Construction was established by Monty Thompson in 1978. In forming Thunder Construction, Monty wanted to ensure a hands-on approach to building. Monty takes an active role in the building process by providing daily on-site management for each project along side his Project Managers.

Our ability to maintain a hands-on approach is directly related to the size of our management team and the number of projects we take on. With a staff of five full-time employees and an excellent working relationship with a group of highly experienced subcontractors, we have created a superior team of professionals to work on each individual project. By only taking on one or two projects at any given time, we ensure a commitment to excellence to our clients that is unparalleled in today’s building climate.


Thunder Construction has over 31 years of experience working in the Roaring Fork Valley, we have gained a reputation amongst our clients of supplying exceptional value through our building process and attention to detail that distinguishes fine custom work.

As general contractors/builders we work closely with our clients, architects and subcontractors to allow us to develop the highest quality custom residences that meet the needs and desires of our clients. We work with the finest craftsmen as every project reflects our commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to the clients we serve and take pride in the attention to those personal details that make each property a unique reflection of the owner.

Over the years, not only have we worked hard to build and maintain strong working relationships with those directly involved in our projects, but we have done so with the Aspen and greater Pitkin County building community as well. We have developed an excellent rapport with the various City of Aspen and Pitkin County departments. We are well respected by these various departments for our responsiveness and attention to detail with regards to the building process. We always stay apprised of code changes or any other such matters and ensure that we reach compliance on all of our projects.


Monty Thompson

Monty Thompson

Monty grew up in Portsmouth, Ohio. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from The Ohio State University he decided to visit Aspen with a friend and nearly 35 years later, he is still here. During his early years in Aspen he worked as a craftsman helping to build homes. In 1978 he formed Thunder Construction with the idea that he wanted to build high quality custom residences while maintaining a hands on approach to building. Monty has always believed in the idea of creating art and that each project should be a unique reflection of the owner.
Likes: piloting his airplane, motorcycle riding, tai chi and inventing devices