Thunder Construction offers a wide variety of services to its clients, providing an excellent job at a fair price. We are dedicated to delivering the best value to our clients through operational excellence and a strong commitment to client satisfaction.

Design-Build We believe strongly in the design-build concept. Therefore, for each project it is imperative to us that we forge a relationship with architects and other key individuals rendering professional services to the project. By integrating architecture and construction, we are able to guarantee superior quality of the completed product while at the same time conserving the integrity of the design, all at a much better value to our clients.

Pre-Construction Services During the pre-construction phase we work closely with project planners, engineers and architects to assess the site/building process and to ensure we are providing the best value to our clients in terms of site planning, civil engineering, structural engineering, materials and building design. Thunder construction has a licensed civil engineer and a licensed architect on staff who serve as the project manager/site supervisors for each of our projects. The combination of classical training and on site experience is invaluable to our projects.

Renewable Resources/Green Building/LEED Thunder Construction is helping to pave the way for renewable resource options in the Roaring Fork Valley. We can provide a client/homeowner with a fully intergrated geothermal, solar thermal or solar PV system for their new or existing home. Renewable resourves can cut down on or eliminate a homeowners utility bills. Thunder can also provide LEED certification for a home through Green building material selections, low VOC materials and energy effeciency. Upgraded house insulation and proper termal/vapor barrier sealing of a home will help lowering utility costs even if a renewable energy option is not selected. Proper shell construction up front can save a homeowner substantial utility costs in the future.

General Contracting We provide unparalleled general contracting services to meet all of our clients needs. For the past 27 years we have been working with the finest subcontractors in the Roaring Fork Valley to produce a high quality product. Upon completion of the project, our clients can see first hand the superior quality of craftsmanship that our team is able to provide.

Construction Management We provide construction management services for any project in which a dependable representative is needed to serve as a liaison between the owner, builder and architect. By providing leadership and establishing a close working relationship with all parties to the building process we are able to ensure that our client’s needs are best being met and that their dreams are being realized. As a representative, we are responsible for managing all aspects of the project from inception through completion, including budget and site planning as well as project closeout.